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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Coffee Calls Me

Today I need to talk about coffee. Ah coffee,…that steamy amber liquid that somehow seems alive in its own coffee way. It has a seductive coffee voice which becomes magnified as it bubbles through the most important appliance in my house…my coffee maker.

Coffee calls me from my bed, alluring me with its aromatic coffee cologne, stirring me from my sleep with a smile on my face, (something that not even the Chippendale dancers could accomplish.) The smell of coffee in the morning evokes confidence and optimism about my day; even when my day is already in the crapper.

The simple act of getting a cup of coffee is an activity in and of itself. I love driving to the coffee shop with the radio blasting, phoning a friend to meet me there, and then drooling and dribbling over the extensive coffee menu before picking out my favorite blend. After a few swigs of high test I proceed to dominate the conversation because I selected the potent Triple Arabian Lady Killer, otherwise known as “TALK,” and my friend went for a half-caf with cream and sugar. Wimp.

I love to top off a delicious meal with a hot cup of coffee and a decadent dessert, or even better… make my coffee the dessert by spiking it with expensive liquor.
I’ve noticed that home coffee brewing has become quite complicated over the years. Some people agonize over the various choices of brewing machines. Do they go espresso or non-espresso, brew by the cup or pot? But the average coffeeholic trots down to Wally World, snags the fifty dollar special, and uses it until it falls apart or becomes to gross to use.

It’s hard to find time to clean my coffee maker because it’s always in use. Oh yeah, sometimes on my way to bed I’ll see it sitting on the counter, covered with brown stains and fingerprints, and I’ll think “gee, I really should clean this thing.” But by then I’m way too tired to bother so I say “screw it” and give it the usual light rinse out before filling it and setting the timer for 7:00 am. If it fails to brew you can bet I would use my last fifty bucks to replace it rather than using that money for such nonessentials as blood pressure medication or food. Yup, I think coffee is my best friend.


Kim said...

brilliantly said :)

Lacey said...

love my cup any time I want it, always fresh. But you can't even consider my ownership of this beautiful one cup at a time machine hard core, because hard core is taking the last cup out of your 50 buck machine and nuking it in the microwave- hours later. :) Nuke on- hard core coffee lovers, when you just can't wait for a fresh pot.

L.C. Griffith said...

LOL! Lacey, I do that all the time. We are so addicted!

L.C. Griffith said...

Well thank you Kim :)

S.B. Wilson said...

Glad to know that there are others out there like myself! I still remember that memorable day when my Mother bought my first coffeemaker, (a Braun), for me as I headed off to college. 20 years later, it's still brewing strong, regardless if the beans were hand picked by the finest growers or if they came out of a 50 gallon jug from Walmart.

L.C. Griffith said...

LOL! You're kidding! It's still brewing? You must be the type of person who takes really good care of their stuff :)

JANU said...

Good one...enjoyed.

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