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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finding True North

With the simple ring of my cell phone my predictable weekend turned into a mini-vacation. The fluid voice was that of Jude’s, AKA Lady Judith, (but never Judy) stating that she and her husband, Richard, (just Richard, although Sir Richard would suit him nicely) had flown in from St. Croix for a few days and would love to see us. Before I knew it these treasured friends were in my guest room (which I made ready in a happy haste) unpacking. It had been a couple of years since our last visit and we were excited to be together again.

When you haven’t seen someone for a while you notice the subtle changes in people’s appearances and they notice them in you…crinkly smile lines, thicker lenses, shocks of white brushed in by longevity, transforming familiar faces into time-lapsed versions of their originals, triggering feelings of tenderness…and shameful relief that we weren’t the only ones maturing.

We passed seasoned memories around like expensive hors d'oeuvres, savoring the flavors in delectable silence, periodically exploding with peals of open mouthed laughter, and then settling back into a satiated silence. I wanted to capture the moment...put it in my pocket, so I could take it out and enjoy it again when joy turns slippery and life seems flat.

Under the soft lighting of nightfall we shared our dreams. Dreams shaken like talc from a near empty tin, revealing powdery expeditions to uncharted places, true north lying somewhere between I have to and I want to, and navigating more towards I want to, because have-to’s are all too common…and time is an impatient traveler.

It was a spur-of-the-moment tribal gathering of ad-libbing elders speaking all at once, producing a symphony of voluminous chatter, adjusting our wisdom to answer our fears, and boldly inflating our faith in preparation for the adventures ahead.

Sharing our home with these intimate friends resulted in a medicinal mingling of souls which was restorative on all levels; it was like having a cosmic prescription generously filled by life… and conveniently delivered to our front door. We will miss them.


Christine said...

I really like the descriptive nature of this piece. it feels like I am actually there visiting with you!

Leah Griffith said... would have had a blast! It was great and I'm glad that somehow you were able to be there with us. At least through my words.

The Girl Three Doors Down said...

Oh I know exactly the feeling that you are talking about! I am never so happy as with the friends I have known the longest and who know me the best. It absolutely feels healing and relieving, and goes along with what my grandma always says, "Laughter is like inner jogging" (which is her excuse for not actually jogging). Haha.

Leah Griffith said...

Your grandma is a genius! I will have to remember that one. Thanks for the visit, as you know...I like visits;)

Jayne said...

"We passed seasoned memories around like expensive hors d'oeuvres..." This is just fabulous, so ripe with senses and texture. And what a happy surprise for you. Friends are good medicine, indeed, especially when it's been too long between treatments!
Love. love those Fleet Foxes (I may be borrowing this video for Friday's Frolic!)

Leah Griffith said...

Hi Jayne,
Yeah…it was fabulous. When I look at the wonderful friends that I have in my life it makes me feel such gratitude…I can’t imagine going through life without them. And I love how they “show up” at the perfect moment, just when I need them.
Fleet Foxes are great and I love that you like them too;) One more night until Friday Night Frolics…I can’t wait! I still want to hear about the convention.

Jayne said...

Leah, I'm leaving for Maine in the morning. We have very little internet service, if any at all, up there in the northern wilds. But I'll email you if I can, or when I return, which will be later next week. So SS will be quiet, but I've got a Frolic scheduled for publication tomorrow afternoon (she says, crossing her fingers and hoping Blogger comes through). :D

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