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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Okay. Where are the Cameras?

Did you ever feel like your life was in fact a Woody Allen flick? Seriously? I choose Woody Allen because his movies tend to dig into the quirky parts of personal lives, showcasing the absurd and ironic, with a comedic flair. Some people “get” his humor and others don’t. I do.
Lately I’ve been looking for the hidden cameras stashed away in my cupboards and car, because my life has taken on a sort of unbelievable irony. Without going into details, and showing what’s under my petticoat, suffice it to say that lately my life has been brilliant, and nebulous, breathtaking, and claustrophobic. I don’t know why I was expecting life to be a two headed coin…at least for a little while, but I was. I’m so naive. The coin inevitably lands on tails two minutes after it lands on heads.
Comedy and tragedy, puppies and fleas, blue skies and sunburns, irony is part of our every day lives. But the contrast seems to be the greatest at the highest points in our lives. Like winning a trip to Hawaii for you and your fiancé and finding your ex seated next to you for the long flight there. YIKES!
Celebration and consternation fight for the control panel to my brain, as I attempt to steer down the familiar roads of my every day life. Roads with trees and birds, and houses where my friends live. I know these neighborhoods as well as I know my own address. Yet, lately I’ve had to break for dinosaurs…. Yes, DINOSAURS! And all this time I thought they were extinct. This is proof positive that God has a huge sense of humor….and irony.
Okay, where are the cameras?


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