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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sister Christmas

Life and Christmas are twin sisters. Life, is the responsible sister, who stays dutifully at home taking care of her younger siblings and aging parents. She cleans up the messes, fixes the meals, and balances the finances. Her beauty is lined with worry, and her clothing is dull and practical.
Christmas, because of her radiant joy, was chosen by the prince to be his wife. He moved her to his far away kingdom years ago, but each year he sends Christmas home with precious gifts, to her devoted sister, to celebrate their mutual birthdays.
It’s easy to see the contrast between the two sisters, and understand why Life might resent Christmas, after all, she’s been stuck with all the responsibilities, while Christmas has been set-apart, and pampered. But Life’s not jealous, because she knows that her sister, Christmas’s, joy and beauty are being preserved especially to remind Life of who she really is….. That she is beautiful, and rich, even though she may appear poor and plain.
Christmas gently fans the embers of hope for her sister, illuminating the things that inspire Life, and igniting the strength and faith that Life needs in order to carry on for another year. The reunion is so inspiring that the whole kingdom now joins in on the birthday celebration and exchange gifts in honor of the great love the sisters have for each other.


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