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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Unwrapping Christmas

People all over the world are preparing for Christmas 2010. Holiday specials tug at the heart strings, while citizens race to the post office, eager to mail their glad tidings. The rich, wrapped in cashmere and Gucci, sip from crystal goblets, thankful for another successful year. The poor, cocooned in worn parkers and hand knit scarves, toast with tumblers of spiked eggnog, inspiring hope for an even better year.
Lighted trees sit center stage in penthouse, and row house alike, circled with a wreath of festively wrapped gifts. Stockings stretched with candy and loot send a shot of excitement to little eyes; proof positive that Santa really exists. But these are only a slice of what the season represents. Love Joy, and Peace….these are the true golden rings of the season.
Christmas stimulates our senses, fanning the flames of hope after a long year of indifference and struggle. Some say that Christmas brings out the hypocrites. Folks go to church that wouldn’t normally attend, and give to the poor instead of visiting the pub. But I don’t think it’s hypocritical any more than it was hypocritical for Scrooge to give Bob Cratchit a fatted goose. People are simply responding from the heart. From a place of nobility that lies buried beneath the have to’s and oppression of every day life.
Wedding songs and funeral hymns harmonize with the jingles bells and Noels in a messy world that slows for no one, reminding us that Christmas is not the absence of troubles but the presence of hope. I guess you could say that Christmas is life dressed in her Sunday best.


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