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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's On!

It’s a pretty day for living and I’m ready to take the stage. I’ve been quite sick for over a week now, but I believe today is different. The fog has lifted and my body feels like its old self again. I’m no longer aware that I have lungs. One needn’t feel their lungs, or their heart, throat, and ribs. These things should remain silent throughout the day, quietly attending to their tasks.

So I feel well, and I have a beautiful day at my disposal. It’s a working day for me but my job is often so pleasurable that I don’t even consider it work. I look at it as living. It wasn’t always so. I realize that I’m blessed right now. Poor. But Blessed.

My oldest daughter and I have a bit of a debate going on. She insists that my writing isn’t really work because I’m not being paid for it…yet. I tried to explain to her that one day I would be getting paid for the books that I pen right now. It’s a lot like a cabinet maker who spends months building a grand piece of furniture. Is he being paid for that piece as he builds it? No. But once it’s complete he will place it in his shop and wait for the right customer to come along…and then he will get paid.

She didn’t buy my argument and was dogging me; basically trying to get me to admit that I’m a contented slacker engaged in a happy hobby. Okay, she didn’t call me a slacker…but she implied it.

All of my life I’ve worked at various jobs. I’ve been an office worker, waitress, and factory worker. I’ve sold cars, candles, and Christmas decorations. I’ve been in human services for over a decade and spent the last three years of my life living away from home like a soldier. So now, thanks to a very supportive husband, I’ve been given the opportunity to work at what I love. I don’t know how long it will last but I intend to enjoy this gift and use my time wisely.

I shouldn’t let my daughter push my buttons. She got me so upset yesterday that I threatened to disinherit her. She simply rolled her eyes…seeing that my most valuable asset to date is the antibiotics prescription that I just got filled.

You wait and see kiddo! Someday I’ll be cruising on the Caribbean, with my good children, gorging on shrimp and cream puffs, while you’re clocking out for lunch and eating your words!

Be nice to Mummy. *grin


Karen Wojcik Berner said...

You go, Leah! Besides, once you make your first sale with "Cosette's Tribe," you are considered a professional on all accounts. :)

Leah Griffith said...

Karen, that's right damn it! LOL!! I received my first payment for my words this year. $500.00 for Cosette's Tribe taking first place in a literary contest. My daughter said it didn't count because I won it. We'll see. *grin

J. R. Nova said...

Editing is work, writing is not :D

Leah Griffith said...

J.R. In my opinion writing is pleasurable work, but work none the less. Oddly enough I also enjoy editing ;)

Chris said...

Haha, I love this :)

I recently had coffee with one of my favorite women, a prof that I worked with at university. She told me about her upcoming sabbatical and kept using phrases like "I feel like I should take it," or "I deserve it," as if she were apologizing. I love this woman to death and promptly told her, "With your track record and experience, you don't deserve it. YOU DEMAND IT."

Whatever name anyone gives to what you are doing now, you are entitled to DEMAND it. I promised my prof that I would be her bulldog and bark at her feet to remind her of this if necessary, and I kindly extend that offer to you.

Oh, and I love the idea of playing your kids against one another; when I have children, I will totally mess with their minds :)

Alfandi said...

Keep working on the book..but you should keep an eye on the ebook is really booming now, you might not want to miss the parade..

Julia said...

Oh, Leah, I'm totally smiling here! I can so relate! I'm sitting here in the quiet of my home, amazed at how lucky I am to be doing all of the things I love; listening to the quiet, reading other beautiful women's words (yours), writing poetry, drawing, day dreaming, drinking coffee, staring out the window at the way the sun is now shining...part of me feels guilty for indulging to such a degree! But there's no room for guilt here, there is only room for feeding my heart exactly what it wants! I know all else (money, for example) will manifest from the fullness of my heart.

I can see you on that cruise ship gorging on shrimp and cream puffs and your daughter kicked back reading your latest novel, happily eating her words.

You are an incredible writer and person, my friend. I am so happy that you are indulging in what you love...soon the whole world will benefit!

So glad you are feeling better.

With love,


P.s: Thank you (as always) for leaving your words on my site...I appreciate every one of them.

Leah Griffith said...

My Faithful Friend Chris, I hereby charge you with the honor of being my official bulldog. Please feel free to growl, bark, bite, and pee on anyone who seeks to rain on my fricken parade!!

Oh, and playing with the kids minds…yeah, fun;)


Leah Griffith said...

Alfandi, you are right on! I am working on the second book, but I'm also seeking to launch my first novel as an e-book. There is so much to do but once I have it done it should pay off. Plus, I'll know exactly what I need to do when my second novel is done. Yup!!!
Keep the good ideas coming;)

Leah Griffith said...

My Dear Miss Julia,
I love that you get it...and do it! LOL!! I've worked so hard for a very long while, and now that I have this measure of time to indulge myself in everything literary, I intend to enjoy it and hopefully get a lot of work done.

It's taken me a while to get settled in, what with the trip to MA, and my cold. But I feel the the rhythm starting...I just need to schedule my gym time in here some where;)

Thank you for your inspiration and've been on fire lately. You have such a bright spirit <3

Much Love,

Dangerous Linda said...

Congratulations for winning $500 for "Cosette's Tribe"! Winning is definitely earning.

Remember you are setting an example for your daughter to open her mind to exploring the idea of what 'work' means.


JANU said...

Cruise it is going to be....You rock girl!

Lis21 said...

Good luck to you :-) I think I saw something about Cosette's Tribe on Goodreads. Well, I guess your daughter will find out one day that earning money with a job is not everything in life and sometimes the earning side needs some tender care taking to get growing ;-).
Me for my part I see my writing as job even though it does not earn me a dime. But creating awareness of abuse and how survivors heal and thrive is worth it any day! ( just in case you want to have a look :-) ) Oh Blog-Farm brought me here today! Have a great day and be blessed!

Shreya said...

Good things take time to happen. My best wishes for your book. It would be great to see you become known for your book, and I will be proud to call you my friend. God bless :)

Leah Griffith said...

Lis, It's great to meet you! I love your work, and as a survivor of abuse I commend you for your bravery.
Cosettes' Tribe is about a girl who faces the ugliness of abuse and how she fights trying to keep if from defining her. It's not published yet. I am launching the book in January. If you would like to read the first two chapters click on the link, "The Blotter Literary Magazine" and then wait for the pages to load.

Thank you for your words...I'm trying to teach my daughter but I guess the proof will be in the pudding;)

Leah Griffith said...

Janu, wouldn't a blogger's cruise be a blast!! Some day my dear. Some day;) Thanks for showing your pretty little face this morning.

Leah Griffith said...

Thank you sweet Shreya, I just want to get it out there and into the hands of readers. I'm thinking all should be ready by January. Everything else is out of my hands.

Mari Sterling Wilbur said...

An artist is an artist whether paid or not! The sames goes for writers. Look at it this way - most great artist do not become famous until they depart this world, the same with many great architects. Let hope this fate does not befall us. I would like to be a famous photographer and will be happy with a good blog following and wonderful comments :) I love the idea of sailing, eating shrimp and cream puffs. I'm right there with you!!

sulekkha said...

Leah, You are going to be rich and famous, because you write from the heart. love your posts, and your daughter sounds adorable. Best of luck...

Lis21 said...

HI Leah, I think the only thing we can do with children is give them our wisdom but they have to do it their way. Which will bring them sometimes pain and struggle. But we had to and so do they. And as long as they know we are there for them it will be ok.
Thanks for your kind words. I will definitely have a look at your book on the page. Tried it this morning but it needed ages to load and I have to go to work soon. Have a great day! Lis

Leah Griffith said...

Mari, I'll sign you up for the cruise! LOL!! Yeah, I don't want to have to be dead to be heard. Although I have a sneaky suspicion that being dead is just a perception to those of us stuck on this side of the curtain. Anyway, it's too early for philosophy class. More coffee please!

Leah Griffith said...

Sulekkha...awwwwww! That's a beautiful compliment. I get myself in trouble sometimes writing from my heart but it's all I know to do. And yes, my daughter is adorable. I doubt that she's read this thread or I would have heard about it by now. LOL!

Leah Griffith said...

Good Morning Lis, yes it does take a few minutes to load. Not good if your in a hurry.

I was determined to not repeat the mistakes made by my own parents. I was successful but I managed to create mistakes of my own. LOL!!


Cathy said...

A bit like mothering not being real work as we don't get paid for, isn't it?!

Leah Griffith said...

Ha!! Bingo Cathy! You just hit the nail on the head ;)

Jayne said...

Ah Leah, how our children like to challenge us! She's daring you to get your work out there for all to consume, and you, my dear friend, are going to win that bet!

You know, I started my career in human services--worked with mentally disabled adults as an outpatient caseworker. It's hard work but so rewarding. I think most hard work, the hardest of all is always rewarding.

Writing, at least for me, and probably many of us, is not easy work even if we enjoy it. We're so happy to be doing what we love, but it's work! We toil and scrape out words and phrases and then go back to the beginning and do it all again. The value of our work cannot be measured by compensation alone. It's not easy to put a price tag on one's art, it's so near and dear to our hearts. Our compensation is the joy of having others read our work whether we collect a stipend or not. Having work brought to the market for mass consumption is the bonus! And I know you'll be tucking that bonus in your pocket in no time! ;)

Leah Griffith said...

Well said Jayne, writing is hard work and sometimes nearly impossible, and I love it.

I didn't know that you worked with the mentally disabled. It is hard but I love that too. There are rewards involved that have absolutely nothing to do with money.

My daughter is pushing me. She wants me to be successful. I want her to know that I already am successful...but I wouldn't mind that fat bonus! LOL!

Brooke said...

I am so glad you wrote this post! About the resistance. I think we artists must all have that to a degree. I think it must be harder coming from a daughter than an ex-spouse, but good for you for standing up for you. I am learning that those who resist will never see the vision until it is in form. Hope to meet up with you and throw and 'I told you so party', island style!

melissa said...

Oh how much I envy you. I would've preferred working with the children and focusing on my art but I also do not get paid for them.So I understand how your daughter felt lol...My mom would call it slavery ~ well, how could it possibly be when for you, writing is a passion and for me, art and taking care of people is?

hmmm... well, yeah, one day... I await that too :)

Leah Griffith said...

Melissa, I've always been a care giver...that is a part of me that comes naturally, like writing. I'm grateful to be able to embrace both of these passions. I believe we have a lot in common;)

Kathy said...

Did I just lose a comment? I think maybe this might be a duplicate...check out this link, fast forward to 1 minute, 20 seconds.... : )

Kathy said... were included in that list of Liebster Awards on Pocket Perspectives...but it disappeared...maybe my Aunt Okie nudged you aside?!?!? : )'s my blog and I can do whatever I like... : ) passing the award along to you too...

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