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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Choices. Red or Blue?

How does one know what one really needs? I felt like I needed a lobotomy yesterday, but what I really needed was a good nap. What is the determining factor for knowing what is good for you? Is it head knowledge or heart tugs? How did Neo know what pill to take? Did he choose the red pill because he was wildly curious about the Matrix, or because he had a “feeling” that his destiny was tied to the Matrix?

We make choices every day. What to say, where to live, who to love. Each choice comes with consequences, which like a stone dropping into a lake will ripple through to the furthest shores of our lives, transforming our worlds, and the topography of our hearts.

Having confidence in ourselves is vital to making the right choices. You can’t stand in the middle of a busy intersection, confused, and scratching your chin, because you have four choices. You have to have fast reflexes, make your decision, and then move on. Life doesn’t always allow us a lot of time to make our choices, so it’s important to know yourself, have confidence in who you are, and make your choice from there. This doesn’t mean you’ll make the easiest choice, but chances are it will be the right choice for you…and your life.

Some people (like me) want life presented to them in a pretty way, wrapped up in tissue paper with silk ribbons, by a handsome currier in tight jeans and a muscle shirt. But life is often delivered by a guy in a guerilla suite, dumping a brown paper sack, spotted with suspicious stains and an odd odor to it, onto your lap. You sit stunned, your jaw unhinged, as you pinch finger the bag open so you can get a peek at what’s in there. God is a lot like Monty Hall.

Sometimes I wish I were equipped with a GPS system. “You are about to drive your life into a ditch, please turn around and head east.” I would love to have a pleasant voice telling me, how far to go, what exit to take, and to notify me when I get there. I’ve overshot some important exits in life, and I’ve peed in the woods more times than I’d like to admit because I wasn’t watching for the Rest Area signs. A GPS sure would come in handy when I’m lost too. (I seem to be getting lost a lot lately.)

But life is messy, raw, and full of surprises. There is no GPS system …… or handsome currier. There will be no pampering or choices for alternate endings. Body doubles will not perform your stunts and you’re not always going to like the script. So, I guess your best bet when making a choice is to do your homework, trust your gut, and wear your lucky green tee shirt.


Paula P. said...

Wow! oh WOW! It seems as if you read my soul this morning.... In the last couple of years I have made some of the biggest decisions in my life so far (divorce, new love and career change), and somehow I feel like I have still some adjustments that I have to decide on... and I wish I had that GPS so badly....

Leah Griffith said...

Yeah Paula, it seems like life is always adjusting itself and presenting us with more and more choices. I'm glad my post inspired you this morning....I wish I could have offered a free personal GPS with every post. LOL!

Jayne said...

Ha! Leah, I have a feeling you and I are a lot alike. I love your metaphors and analogies here. I can't tell you how many exits I've overshot! But even the GPS can be wrong at times. And if you try to take the shortcut, or scenic route, or another way that you know works, the pleasant voice suddenly sounds agitated, and demands that you turn around. I don't have a GPS, and I am defiantly refusing to purchase one. Although it can be irritating and scary lost in a maze without a map, it's pretty rewarding when you find your way out on your own. And sometimes, there are nice surprises along the way. ;)

Leah Griffith said...

Ah've said it well! There is nothing more rewarding than finding your way out on your own! I love it...and needed to hear that!
I think we are a bit alike, both in writing styles and attitudes towards life. Yup.

S.K.Delph said...

Hi Leah, I'm a new subscriber! Life is an amazing series of mini-mystery adventures to which our choice of the fork in the path can only determine. I've never been able to read a map properly anyway. The funny thing is that for me...already plagued with bad map reading skills and no sense of direction (it's a family trait---at the family reunion, we were all late, and my poor brother was outside still circling the parking lot trying to find the entrance) and GPS didn't work out very well either. I have a horrible time trying to follow the directions as the voice on the machine so calmly continues to dictate my next move...three moves ahead. Maybe that's why I'm always finding myself in the worst of predicaments! Thanks for a great read Leah. I'm so happy to re-connect with you again. My Best to you.

Leah Griffith said...

Hi Lady Delph! It’s great to see you. It’s been well over a year, although I pay attention to you in my own little way on FB. It seems fate has tossed us together again with this new writing group. I can’t wait to dig in and re-connect. I finished my first novel and am in between projects. I love doing this little blog…keeps my juices flowing. I’m sure you have been honing the craft and I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!
Oh…the GPS thing….I doubt it would help me anyway….I tend to be a bit head strong and would probably ignore its pleasant little voice and drive right off the road.

Ella said...

Hi Leah, I'm a new fan :) So glad you sent me a friend request. I am enjoying thoroughly what I've read so far. Will have to come back often and read more of your beautiful writing! Congratulations on your book, as I read somewhere above you have finished/published? I hope to become a published author as well one day.

You are so right on about sometimes we don't have much time to make a decision. "Indecision" is a decision....and that too brings consequences. Can we say, been there done that! :D

When I am teetering on indecision, the leap of faith in choosing one way over the other sometimes comes down to trusting that God has it all under control anyway and the sooner I learn to surrender, the quicker we can end some of this nonsense (me thinking I can control the things I can't control).
Great writing!- Your new blog friend, Ella

Leah Griffith said...

Hi Ella, you have spoken exactly my sentiments! I can't control a thing but if I surrender, and stop mud wrestling with God, then things will get done. I'm so glad you are here Ella. Thank you.

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