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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sundays, Bandwagons, and Beaches

As a kid I used to hate Sundays. It meant wearing stuffy clothes, sitting in a boring pew and listening to guy dressed in…well, a dress, ramble on (in Latin) while peering down at me like he knew every bit of mischief I’d been up to.

Being a kid and learning about God is akin to being a teenager and learning about love. You’ve got your preconceived notions, the stuff your parents and the church tell you, and then you have reality. I collected information on God mostly from my mother and catechism. Catechism is the catholic version of Sunday school, but it’s also a prerequisite for communion and confirmation, and you get tons of credit from God for going.

By the time I was fourteen I was completely confused about the God rules: what with menial and mortal sins, hell and purgatory, eating meat or not, all my protestant friends going to hell, so I kind of chucked it all and set out to find out the truth for myself, al la Leah.

Being the passionate soul that I am I found myself jumping on and off bandwagons more than a circus performer. I still have some bruises from the jumping off part. But after a lifetime of searching, and trying on different spiritual robes, I find that I have kind of come full circle and back to a bunch of basics….minus all the church accessories.

I believe that I am my church which conveniently lets me off the hook from having to actually leave my house and attend one. I am a temple, built in the image of God, living and breathing, being his available hands, and voice, on this troubled planet. I may speak with the tongues of a fallen species, but I also, through many a trial, have learned the language of love and compassion which guides my motives and usually keeps me spiritually healthy. I say usually because I don’t always do the right thing. That would make me perfect and perfect doesn’t exist for anyone.

So, now I love my Sundays. They are completely free and open, allowing me to flow with the moment. Today I am taking my church to the beach where I intend to soak up the sun, relax with my family, and take in the splendor of God’s creation. Did I mention that there are some fine Adams at the beach …hehe. Hey! Remember…I am perfectly imperfect!

Art provided by Fran Murphy


PJ Stuart said...

Really great insight Leah...we are of like mind. I can worship anywhere I choose. I do the church thing, somewhat begrudgingly, but many times I have found the Spirit of God in houses of worship...most of the time I do not. I find people trapped in a box. They bought the book, wear the T-Shirt and fling the lingo. The God I worship is everywhere and no place better than His natural creation. Church at the beach, with like-minded people would be my ideal. Until then, I'll get my bruises as I search for His presence, because when I do find Him I am in awe!

Leah Griffith said...

Amen Pj, I guess this means we need to have church soon. My beach or yours?

leahcog said...

Leah, I love how our wonderful Creator always has us on similar paths. This was beautiful, written simply and honestly. I love how your expressions make me smile with recognition... I love you. Leah

Leah Griffith said...

We share such a rich spiritual history, and I am not surprised that we are still on similar paths. I miss you...perhaps I need to visit Costa Rica. *grin
I love you. Leah

Cut and Clear said...

Glad you had a great weekend!!

Leah Griffith said...

Thank you Cut. I hope yours was pleasant too. I intend to sneak over and visit....

Jayne said...

Ha! I love this. I'm with you, and I'd take my church to the beach, too, if it weren't snowing or raining. ;)

Leah Griffith said...

Jayne, beach church is the best. You must be starting to thaw out in New England. I'm originally from Worcester, so I know what you're going through!

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