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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm Glad You're With Me.

My hearts capacity for love is endless. I have all sorts of people and things stored away in there. I love people differently than I love, say…a hot fudge sundae, but nevertheless I love them both, and my love for each doesn’t diminish my love for either of them.

Sometimes I’m surprised by the things that I love. I was never a lover of Chihuahuas because of a nasty bite I received from one when I was about six. But now I have a Chihuahua that I ferociously love. She proudly rides shotgun in my heart with her doggy ears blowing in the breeze and her eyes squinting with satisfaction.

There are seasons when certain people will have a major role in my world, and then the leaves fall, the seasons change, and those people will have moved on and are no longer players in my life. This doesn’t mean that I no longer love them; it simply means that our paths have called us in different directions.

Sometimes people will return to my life after years of separation, bringing with them the gift of a familiar love and a similar path. Walking side by side with them inspires me as we assist each other in completing our earthly tasks without fully realizing the enormity of the miracle taking place.

It’s wonderful, and necessary, to have good people in my life but there are only two people who will remain constants. One of them is me and the other is God. God’s face changes, as does his hands, voice, and stature. He is my friends and family, the people on my path, helping me to make my journey. I love them all and am extremely grateful that they are here…with me. They have taught me how to love myself.

To love yourself, is to love God, and in loving yourself, as is, and then offering that same magnificent gift to others we become in sync with the heartbeat of our lives and the reasons that we are all here…finally coming to a place where you feel complete when alone… instead of feeling completely alone.


Jayne said...

Oh, Leah - I just loved this. Especially that last paragraph, and your dog's ears flapping in the wind (great imagery there). I feel like I'm breathing much more calmly now. Thank you. :)

Leah Griffith said...

Jayne ...writing it made me breathe easier. I'm glad it helped.

S.K.Delph said...

Hi Leah, I loved this too. It reminded me of an old friend I had recently reconnected with...I passed on the link to her to read. And again, I'm amazed at your insightful mind! Thanks again, (oh and the chihuahua really brought it home) thanks s.k.delph

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