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Monday, March 28, 2011

Cut! Take Two!

When I have a daily plan mapped out in my mind I tend to be a bit anal about it. I’ve made my list and I envision myself doing all the things included on my self-imposed itinerary. I hate it when right in the middle of my plan… a disruption occurs; life throws me a matzo ball, and I find myself having to revamp my entire day in order to accommodate life’s whims. Hmpf!!

A part of me wants to rage against the interruption, fist punching the air, while cursing at the imps of darkness for ganging up on me. The other part of me wants to glide through the transition process like Gandhi on a surfboard, riding the waves of change, glowing with serenity, and embracing the moment. Right! The only way that’s going to occur is if I happen to be leaving the Tike Bar… post happy hour…..but then I’ll probably look more like Gandhi ice-skating on a pond of Jell-O.

I don’t like my plans getting messed with, it brings out the angry Queen in me, and I want to shout “Off with their heads!” to anybody who would dare to stand in my way….okay I don’t actually want their heads chopped and tossed, but a good scare would cheer me up.

I know I have to learn to go with the flow better because life is all about surprises and unexpected turns. Just look at the weather. That teaches us, on a daily basis, about the unpredictability of life and how change is simply a part of the rhythm of things.

God’s critters seem to have no problem going with the flow…just look at the birds. Bird’s lives’ aren’t easy. Bird world can be hell sometimes! Their trees get chopped down, their nests get raided by all sorts of birdy pirates, they could get hit by a car… or catch the bird flu. But they do fine. They sing all day long, and hang out on wires, above humanity, laughing as we honk our horns, and scream into the sky because life isn’t flowing at our pace.

Sometimes, when things go really screwy, I’ll wonder if I’m on a hidden camera show, and I’ll behave myself so as to look good to my potential audience. (It’s amazing how well we can behave when we think somebody important is watching.) So maybe we have more control then we think we have….and all this raging is more of an indulgence than a necessity. Maybe I can fake it till I make it, and playacting for the “camera” will work in other areas of my life as well? The possibilities are endless…. “Cut! Take two!”


Jayne said...

Leah- this made me laugh! I felt like I was on camera just the other day, when a couple of birds perched in my front door wreath and tapped at the door. I was in the front room, trying to crank out a piece of writing. I kept getting up and opening the door to see just who the culprits were, but before I could fully open it, they were gone. I scanned the front yard, saw nothing, and then closed the door, and returned to my seat, only to have the scene repeat itself several more times. What can you do? Laugh, and ride it out. And if that's difficult - I like you playacting idea - I think it's all about mindfulness. :)

Leah Griffith said...

Jayne that is hysterical! LOL!! I can just see you on round three of answering your door...tidying your hair as you look for the hidden cameras. Birds...hmmmm I think they’re trying to tell us something. *grin

Cheryl said...

Ok Jayne and Leah,

I hadn't thought about cameras hovering nearby when things are screwy. Now that you two planted the seeds in my already warped psyche, I will start looking for hidden cameras. Way to go, ladies. Great post and fun comments.

Leah Griffith said...

Yeah Cheryl...I'm convinced that there are cameras tucked away all over the place and an awful video of me will some day pop up on youtube..."Lady Talking On Cell Phone In The Nude...While Looking For Her Cell Phone." LOL!

ElizOF said...

Yep, if we could all remember what you wrote above about going with the flow and imagining life is a huge TV set, we might be more mindful and even cheerful. :-) Found you on blog farm and thanks for leaving me a comment there.

Leah Griffith said...

Good Morning ElizOF! Yeah, your hair blog was fantastic! Glad you popped in to see me...there's still some coffee in the pot, I'll be out on the porch people watching.

JANU said...

So well written....go with the flow...easy to say but hard to follow.

Leah Griffith said...

Janu, every day I struggle with this! When will I learn? ;)

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