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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ask The Brit...Anything British!

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Wedding Bells

By Kris English

Friday dawned a beautiful day defying a forecast of rain and for one famous couple it was due to be a special day. Prince William and Kate Middleton got married Friday to a worldwide audience of a few billion people. For British citizens it was a proud moment. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge emerged onto the balcony in a picture that was hauntingly reminiscent of Dianna’s marriage to Prince Charles.

Kate Middleton looked beautiful in her dress and Prince William looked every bit a prince in his stately uniform. I felt proud to be British; our monarchy has been a symbol of the British people around the world. As a monarchist I am a firm fan of our royalty however their role is little more than a tourist attraction in modern society.

Looking back one will see that our Royals, much like our people, come from all over the world. This is very similar to the American people; though much of our migration took place many years ago. The original people to occupy the British Isles were the Celts and then the Romans, and the Vikings, clearing the way for other European people to occupy our small island nation. Rapidly Great Britain became one of the greatest Empires in the world and one of the largest of its time.

Now I hope you’ve enjoyed a little history lesson and found time to watch the Royal Wedding.

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pixielui said...

I must speak out for the "bastard child"(USA!), ick who cares! LoL However, I will like to be inform when the monarchy changes its convictions and allow first born, or even who ever wants it, to be next for the crown. I wonder...will Charles be passed over? Too bad! he did not have the balls, when he was younger, when it came to Camile. Oh and for all of the Americans who watch minute to minute coverage of the Royal Wedding, SHAME ON YOU, now go back to "Reality TV" and leave the happy couple alone!

Leah Griffith said...
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Kris said...

To Pixielui, as with most monarchies around the world the British Monarchy has passed down the throne to the first born. Our Queen Elizabeth II, god bless her, was not expected to become the queen as she was third in line for the throne behind her Uncle Edward (1st) and father (2nd) however when her grandfather passed her Uncle become King though he himself abdicated the throne after his planned marriage to American socialite Wallis Simpson later Duchess of Windsor.

In the case of today's monarchy most who still believe in the monarchy would like to see Prince William as our next King but the likelihood of that happening is slim. Unless Queen Elizabeth II dies after His Royal Highness Prince Charles has passed on, then he will become the United Kingdoms next King. It is very unlikely that HRH Prince Charles will abdicate the Throne but he himself is getting on in years and Prince William is very much younger.

Hope this answers the question,

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