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Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Could be Persuaded.

The morning nudges me awake like a dutiful parent; tugging softly, yet with purpose. I dress and head outside, squinting into the tropically brilliant morning, and even though I have a long work day ahead of me, I feel lucky to be living in such an alluring place. Watching the palm trees sway like hula girls and the playful Gulf of Mexico swish her foamy skirts at me...drives me to giddiness!

Sometimes, when life turns dark and moody, it’s as though a bucketful of mud has been splattered onto this scenic canvas, and I become blinded to the showy charm of my little town; overlooking the natural blessings which surround me.

It’s easy to get discouraged when troubles stack up like storm clouds, and the future blurs like a windshield in a relentless downpour, and even though my wipers are slapping triple time; it’s still hard to see the road. I guess there are times when I don’t need to see the road per se…I just need to stay on the right side of that skinny yellow line and creep along until I get wherever the road leads me.

I am persuaded that it’s the small joys in life that carry me through these drenching squalls; reading a great book on the beach, visiting a waterfront cafĂ© with my husband, making a stranger smile, phoning someone that I love. There are limitless small pleasures that make my journey seem lighter and more inspiring, and on days that seem extra dark, or bland, I pursue these simple pleasures like a miner seeks gold. It’s one of the easiest ways to offer myself comfort and balance.

So, even though things may sometimes seem messy and jumbled, with life’s moods changing faster than a chameleon sliding down a rainbow, I want to be thrilled with my journey and gratefully indulge in all of life’s benevolent handouts. Gratitude is the heart’s way of offering something back…extending a “please” and “thank you” to the divine. It’s also a great tour guide for this complex and wondrous journey through life.


Christine said...

Beautifully written Leah!Here is to staying on the right side of the yellow line!!

Cheryl said...

Powerful analogies. I do feel like there have been a number of stormy days as of late, and I am just trying to stay right of the yellow line,
creeping along. Not so much personally as much as globally. Very well said, Leah.

Leah Griffith said...

Thank you Christine. Yeah...that yellow line sure gets snaky at times! Have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day.

Leah Griffith said...

Hi Cheryl, I have to agree...we have the global storms, the family storms, and finally the all important personal storms. Sometimes following that yellow line gets tricky and you find yourself asking "whose yellow line is this anyway?!" LOL! Happy Mother's Day Cheryl...I hope your weekend is fabulous.

The Girl Three Doors Down said...

"...changing faster than a chameleon sliding down a rainbow,". I loved that comparison - I had to read it out loud to my sister because I enjoyed it so much.

I love the thoughts of this post as a whole as well. Thanks for this.

Leah Griffith said...

LOL! Girl, that was a fun one to write. Thanks for the visit and taking the time to express your thoughts. Have a smooth and inspiring weekend.

Jayne said...

Leah, as always, a most thought provoking post. I love your metaphors and similes and the words and sentiments surrounding them. And it sounds like that town of yours would drive me to giddiness, too!
Despite unforeseen side trips, or dreary weather, it is very evident that you are, indeed, thrilled with your journey. And I love to see it all unfold here. :)

Leah Griffith said...

Jayne, you always say such sweet things. Thank you for that. I can tell that you are enjoying your journey too. We do have a choice to be miserable or not. I choose not. Thanks for visiting I'll be over shortly ;)

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