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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tumbling out of Heaven

Reaching into the darkness,
Through the fragile unknown spaces,
Between seraphim and cherubim,
Locking eyes with deity,
And tumbling out of heaven.

In reaching I’ve been revived.
In wanting I’ve been repelled.
In speaking I’ve been silenced.

This is what it feels like to speak to the wind.
Blown away.
This is what it tastes like to kiss the rain.
This is what it sounds like to be cut off.

This path is killing me with its blood stained pages.
This path is stunning with its desperate beauty.

Living at the edge of the world,
I’ll take my chances, and live some more.
Until I see the breath of silver;
That smoldering old soul,
I’ll keep my heart open.

I found Truth in the morning clouds.
She asked me for a ride.


Healing Morning said...

Oh my. I just finished writing an email to a dear friend where I commented, "Yes. Simply, yes." I think that applies here. Leah, this was beautiful. You know when you witness a moment of such pure beauty that you feel a primal shiver? A frisson that dances across your Soul? This happened for me here and I am forever changed. Yes, dear one. Simply, yes.



Leah Griffith said...

Dawn, Thank for being in that moment with me. Primal, very. Not unlike your poem on grief. The muse is ever present when the soul is grieving; her beauty seems enhanced when dressed in black.

Jayne said...

Oh Leah, I love the image of you giving the cloud a ride! You chart your own course, and with such grace and beauty. I love watching the paths you take along this journey. :)

Leah Griffith said...

Jayne, I have bruises all over my body and I’m hoping that this one doesn’t leave any scars...but I'm glad I have grace with me, and love. Yes, love.

Anonymous said...

We should all uphold Truth this way. Lovely poem!

Leah Griffith said...

Thank you so much Ms. Sweepy. Life is so conflicted but basically we have to find our truth and then hold on to it.

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